The buoy field

The buoy field is in the bay of Marina del Cantone.
It is very useful for those looking for a mooring on the Amalfi coast, which, being characterized by high coast and deep seabed, does not guarantee comfortable and safe landings.

The mooring field has buoys for boats up to 40 meters in length.

In the buoy field, thanks to a particular anchoring system, the seabed is preserved by plowing the large anchors of the boats, to protect the posidonia and the entire ecosystem.

All additional services are provided with excellent quality standards by the staff who ensure their assistance both at sea and in the offices on land.

campo boe Nerano
marina di Nerano - ufficio

The bay of Marina del Cantone is located east of Punta Campanella not far from the Li Galli rocks.

It is bounded to the west by the Punta di Montalto and to the east by the Punta Sant’Antonio.

When navigating near Punta Campanella it is necessary to take into account the restrictions on nautical activities provided by the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella.

Request mooring at the buoy field

At Marina di Nerano, there are embarkation and disembarkation docks, boat washing and cleaning services, water supply and, if necessary, energy supply with cables.

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