ormeggio marina del Cantone
ormeggio marina del Cantone
ormeggio marina del Cantone
ormeggio marina del Cantone


Marina di Nerano offers moorings for boats such as sailboats, yachts and motor yachts up to 40 metres in length, with both chain and buoy moorings. You can moor for brief stopovers (e.g. for the Marina del Cantone restaurants) or for entire days.

We also offer a monthly custody service for all boats arriving in Nerano.

In particular, moorings to catenaries are available for boats from 5 to 12 metres in length, while buoy moorings are allowed for boats up to 40 metres in length.

Distances from the main localities

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A point of reference

The staff at our office on the beach will be able to help you with all the needs and additional services on land and at sea: such as the tender service for ferry service and service at the exclusive “Lo Scoglio” restaurant, as well as the possibility of weekly and monthly overnight stays on the Sorrento coast.

In Nerano, along with the many services accessible with Marina di Nerano, you will find two private parkings areas for cars and motorcycles, public toilets and restaurants on the pier.

marina di Nerano - ufficio
marina di Nerano - ufficio

Request mooring for your boat

At Marina di Nerano, there are embarkation and disembarkation docks, boat washing and cleaning services, water supply and, if necessary, energy supply with cables.

Included services

We offer a wide range of useful services to those who wish to moor. They are always available and can be booked online.


The staff at our office on the beach will be able to assist you with any need and help with booking services for those who wish to moor.


Access to the mooring is always controlled, a staff that discreetly oversees the entire area of the marina allows us to constantly monitor what is happening and guarantees everyone a quiet and safe stay.

Mooring assistance

24h assistance and listening on VHF channel 71 radio, with dual radio frequency, service and ship-to-shore. Mooring assistance with professional mooring crews equipped with P.F.S.O. (Port Facility Security Officer) at any time of day or night, from land and by sea with the dinghy, you can possibly request assistance with the S.U.T. (Support Utility Tender), power boat, size, maneuverability and equipment suitable for assistance to yachts and mega yachts.

Water and energy

We take care of the supply of water and electricity for each mooring on request.

Mooring extra

We have thought of everything that might be needed by those who moor, our staff is always ready to help you.


Never running out of fuel. On-board refueling service on request

Onboard delivery

We take care of the supplies, you enjoy your holiday. Available on-board delivery service of galley and various goods on request

Luggage service at the pier

We carry your luggage for you, you will find them directly at the dock or wherever you prefer


Whatever your destination on the ground, we can take care of the passenger transport service by taxi or shuttle


Reach the airport or come to Marina di Nerano from Naples airport. We organize private transfers to reach the airport with maximum comfort

Car rental

Choose your car to discover the Sorrento coast and the Amalfi coast by land. Contact our offices to rent a car and discover the best itineraries

Water Taxi

Do you want to reach the islands near Marina di Nerano? We have water taxi services to get you to Capri, Ischia and the smaller islands by sea

Boat rental

Rent small boats such as rubber dinghies, gozzo boats and lances to discover the bays and beaches around the Marina di Nerano by sailing along the coast

Day charter

Reach Capri, Amalfi, Positano and Ischia with traditional or luxury charters and spend a whole day dedicated to relaxation

Overnight stays

Do you want to stay overnight on the Sorrento peninsula or the Amalfi coast? Contact our office, we will be happy to recommend the best facilities available according to your needs

Diving Service

In case of need and any requests, the marina is able to provide professional diving assistance