Located in the north-western part of the Gulf of Naples, the island of Ischia occupies a strategic position in the central basin of the Mediterranean, at 40°. 44′ North latitude and 13°. 36′ East Longitude, rising from the bottom of the sea for about 787 m.

Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, also known as “The Green Island” for its abundant vegetation and for being a true land of well-being, with its many thermal springs.

If you reach the island of Ischia from Marina di Nerano, you can walk through the streets of the port of Ischia with shops and the magnificent Aragonese Castle or reach the town of Barano d’Ischia by sea, where you will find the miraculous source of Nitrodi and 2 km of coastline of the beach of Maronti with the Cava Scura spa and the beach of Fumarole.

Among the many thermal parks where you can take wellness baths in Ischia for the whole day, there is also the thermal park of Poseidon, that of Negombo, the gardens of Aphrodite, the Castiglione and Bagnitiello spas and the beaches of Sorgeto, Chiaia and San Montano.


40°43′N 13°54′E

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